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	    Mountaineering Logo The Lanchester mountaineering club (or Lanch) was formed in 1995 by former students of Coventry University. Many Lanch members belonged to Coventry University Mountaineering Society (CUMS) whilst at university and wanted to continue to meet up regularly to take part in outdoor activities. A longer summary of the clubs history can be found on the About Us page.

The Club is involved in every aspect of mountain sports including rock climbing, hill walking, ice climbing, winter mountaineering and ski mountaineering. The Lanch is now far more than a mountain sports club. Many members are also involved in other activities such as canoeing, surfing, kite buggying, skiing, caving, and even some Arctic Exploration.

Our club website serves as a point of contact for potential club members, providing committee contact details, a full meets list and links to other useful sites

Joining Lanch

Joining the club has never been easier, our membership is annually based with a flexible fee structure, Allowing for certain discounts to reflect the nature of the individual members needs. Upon joining members receive a welcome pack containing:

The Lanch Loudhailer

The Loudhailer is the Lanchester Club Magazine, distributed at a minimum of quarterly, it includes many articles from trip reports and reviews, information of interest relating to locales and areas the club is about to visit. General mountaineering news, jokes, competitions, farming reports, cheese discussion and camping recipes.

BMC Membership

BMC Logo and Link

The club is affiliated with the British Mountaineering Council (No H910392) This entitles you to Discounts at a wide range of outdoor stores. And special rates for personal BMC membership, and BMC travel insurance. For more details on BMC membership see the Join Us page